Jules Dirsa, L.Ac


I am queer and trans identified acupuncturist and herbalist practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine in South Minneapolis. I love this medicine and the support that it can offer to our mental, emotional, and physical health. Some conditions that I often treat with acupuncture and herbs include:
stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, acute and chronic pain, fertility, hormonal balance, transgender health support, health maintenance, colds and flus, allergies, migraines, immune support, digestive health, support during chemotherapy, mitigating side effects of medications including HRT, addiction recovery and harm reduction support. I would love to work with more people from the queer and trans* community.

Other Information

Zip/Post Code:55419
Provider Name:Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner
Provider Type Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Practitioner,
Provider's Sexual Orientation Queer,
Provider's Gender Genderqueer / Gender Non-Conforming,Trans Man,
Provider's Race White,
Specialties and Experience Bisexual Health,Family Planning/Reproductive Health,Gay Health,Lesbian Health,Non-monogamous/Polyamorous Patients,Queer Health,Substance Abuse,Survivors of Sexual Assault,Tobacco Cessation,Transgender Health - General Health,Transgender Health – Genderqueer/Non-Binary Identities,Trauma-Informed Care,
Languages Spoken by Provider English,
Insurance by Provider Unspecified

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