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Hello! I am a community-based clinical herbalist, a craniosacral bodyworker, a cupping practitioner, a full spectrum doula / companion, as well as a crystal & energy worker. I’m also a non-binary queer cajun femme & I like they / them pronouns. I’m the boss witch in charge of Sassafras Healing Arts as well as the Co-Founder of the SPIRAL Collective & Herbalists for Racial Justice. My practice is based out of the People’s Movement Center as well as my home apothecary.
I practice within a healing justice framework, & am committed to decolonization. As someone with white settler ancestry & who identifies as a non-binary queer witch, this means uplifting femme folks, queer & trans folks, black folks, indigenous folks, & people of color as healers, as well as to center these communities in my practice. I strive to bring my whole self to my clients & meet them where they are at, respecting their decisions, honoring their intuition, & working to co-create a container for them to see themselves as the powerful healers & magic-makers they are. I strive to bring an ethic of communal care to my practice, recognizing that we cannot “self care” our traumas away, & that we do not survive alone. I have 11 years of experience supporting survivors of trauma, including sexual & domestic violence. I believe trauma & survival also include navigating daily micro aggressions resulting from living in a late-capitalist, racist, transphobic, homophobic, ableist world.
I would be happy to discuss my framework and approach further with you so please do not hesitate to contact me!
Please note that although I am (unfortunately) not eligible for insurance reimbursement as a holistic / “alternative” health care practitioner, all of my services are offered on sliding scale fees in an attempt to make my offerings financially accessible.
Please visit my website to learn more about who I am + how & what I have to offer. Thank you!

Other Information

Zip/Post Code:55407
Time:Varies by week, typically Thursdays 1030AM-230PM, but subject to change
Provider Name:Herbalist, Bodyworker, Craniosacral Therapist, Cupping Practitioner
Provider Type Massage/Bodywork Practitioner,Other Complementary, Alternative, or Integrative Health Practitioner,
Provider's Sexual Orientation Queer,
Provider's Gender Genderqueer / Gender Non-Conforming,
Provider's Race White,
Specialties and Experience Bisexual Health,Eating Disorders,Family Planning/Reproductive Health,Gay Health,HIV/AIDS,Intersex Health,Lesbian Health,Mental Health,Non-monogamous/Polyamorous Patients,Queer Health,Sexual Health,Substance Abuse,Survivors of Domestic Abuse,Survivors of Sexual Assault,Tobacco Cessation,Transgender Health - General Health,Transgender Health – Genderqueer/Non-Binary Identities,Trauma-Informed Care,
Languages Spoken by Provider English,Spanish/español,
Insurance by Provider Unspecified



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