Amber Stinnett

Contact I am a Queer Home Birth Midwife offering services in and around the Duluth/Superior area. I do not take insurance at this time but do offer sliding scale fees and am working to contract with insurance companies.

Other Information

Zip/Post Code:55805
Time:By Appointment
Provider Name:Licensed Traditional Midwife
Provider Type Massage/Bodywork Practitioner,Specialty Practitioner,
Provider's Sexual Orientation Queer,
Provider's Gender Genderqueer / Gender Non-Conforming,
Provider's Race White,
Specialties and Experience Family Planning/Reproductive Health,Non-monogamous/Polyamorous Patients,
Languages Spoken by Provider English,
Insurance by Provider I cannot accept insurance but do offer a sliding fee scale based on income,

  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Customer Service
  • Location
  • Scheduling
  • Accessibility


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